Seven easy wardrobe hacks for new mums

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It’s the first three months after your baby’s born and you’re feeling exhausted, hormonally challenged and saggy in all the wrong places. Wardrobe? What wardrobe? You live in a revolving world of PJs, trackies and more PJs.

This is the time new mums feel their most vulnerable, says Amelia McFarlane, personal stylist and mum-of-three. She says getting dressed in the morning and feeling good about how you look can do wonders to boost post-baby morale and help you regain body confidence.

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Here's seven practical and stylish tips for what to wear in that tricky postpartum period. 

1. Don’t throw out your maternity clothes just yet

“It’s good to mentally prepare yourself that you might still be wearing them for a while after you have a baby. And that’s okay! You’ve got to keep reminding yourself that it’s only temporary and there are definitely other ways of making yourself feel nice.”

2. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

“My strongest advice is embrace your accessories. In terms of your actual garments, go for basics and then bring in your self-expression through the scarves that you choose or your shoes. They’re obviously going to be investments that will take you through whatever (post-pregnancy) phase you’re in.

“There's also a lot of necklaces around now that are chunky, which you can almost slide around when you’re breast-feeding [to give you some privacy.]"

3. Scarves are your new best friends

“Before you have a baby it’s a good idea to invest in some lovely scarves that are a decent size and lightweight. You can use them not only for yourself as an accessory, but also while you’re breastfeeding. You can tie a scarf in a knot, put it over your head and it’s a great way of covering yourself up during breastfeeding.

"Another thing about scarves is when you’ve just had a baby and you’re feeling tired, you might need to feel a little lifted with the use of colour. Pick a colour that suits you, one that works with your hair colour and your skin tone. It makes such a big difference when you’re feeling a bit flat.”

4. Avoid too many shades of grey

“I find grey almost a depressing colour, but it works well with other colours. Grey looks fantastic with burgundy or a hot pink. If you combine grey with a bright colour, then you can make it uplifting. But if you’re dressed in all grey I personally find that a bit drab. “

5. Add a dash of colour

"You can definitely play with your jewellery a bit and shoes for sure. Shoes you can always have fun with - and coloured stockings in the winter! There are still ways of bringing bright fun aspects to your outfit.”

6. Stock up on tank tops and tube dresses   

“Breastfeeding tank tops are a good investment. You definitely want a few of these, and it’s good if you can find ones that have a bit of length. It’s good to see that a lot of brands like Bonds are making longer breastfeeding tops now. When you’re layering, you can lift up whatever you’ve got on top [and slip a hungry baby in underneath.] If you’re breastfeeding – if you can – that’s really where the challenges come in with getting dressed.

"Tube dresses are great because you can wear them under whatever you’ve got on and you’re covered up underneath. It’s a great way to feed with your tummy covered.”

7. Buy yourself some nice underwear

“I’m all for investing in good bras and getting them fitted. You’ll need to have a fitting after having your baby and then again maybe in six months’ time because it’s a period where your breasts are going to change and you need to accommodate that. I think if you don’t have a well-fitted bra, you’re sort of feeling daggy already so you’ve really got to start with that.”

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