Seven positions to try this Valentine's Day

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If your partner really loves you this Valentine's Day, they'll give you what you truly desire - some sleep. This cheeky guide to getting horizontal is guaranteed to hit the spot and leave you hungry for more. Here are seven ways to get it any way you can. 

Have a quickie in the car

Waiting for the kids to finish their footy? Catch some zees before it's game over.

Get cozy on the couch

Family at the flicks? Get cozy with some cushions for a sweet solo sess. 

Do it in the kitchen

What's cooking, good looking? Got the timer on for ten? Serve yourself up a side of sneaky shut-eye. 

Do it outdoors 

Feeling adventurous? Slip into something more comfortable and sleep on the wild side.

Try it blindfolded

Feeling dangerous? Don an eye mask and do it in the dark.

Try it online

Disk feeling a bit floppy? Why not download some downtime in the office?

Do it with your partner

Why should you have all the fun? Try this double-decker doozie that's sure to satisfy you both.