Surfing champion Bethany Hamilton gives birth to second child

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If you’re a mama who’s been through pregnancy at least once, you’ll know that the third trimester can make you feel quite cumbersome (understandably so, you're carrying a whole human!).

Some mums, however, garner some intense energy to do very physical activities and Bethany Hamilton is one of them. She managed to skateboard and surf right through her pregnancy, and she’s now given birth to her second child!

A family addition

This unstoppable and inspiring woman took to Instagram to announce the birth of a brand-new baby boy named Wesley.

“We are overjoyed to welcome our son Wesley Phillip Dirks into the world!” Bethany posted. “It’s been a beautiful time getting life started with the four of us! We are thankful to God for our two lil guys!!!”

The photo Bethany shared is the embodiment of newborn exhaustion and excitement, although teeny Wesley looks a wee bit unsure about life out in the world.

Survive and thrive

Bethany married Adam, back in 2013 and their first child, Tobias, was born in June of 2015. They announced a second baby was on the way in October and have been keeping followers updated on Bethany’s pregnancy via Instagram since then.

Bethany first flashed onto our TV screens and front pages in 2003 when, as a 13-year-old champion surfer, a tiger shark attacked her as she floated on her surfboard with family friends.

She spent just three weeks in hospital after losing her arm and returned to the water quick smart, learning to surf again and going on to win multiple championship titles. In fact, she won TEN competitions after mastering surfing with one arm.

Bethany says her faith has played a huge part in helping her recover and refocus on her pre-shark attack dreams. She’s now making it her mission to inspire others’ strength, hope and bravery.


This now mum-of-two has been hatching another amazing project, too. A documentary about her life is due for release later this year.

Backed by crowdsourced Kickstarter funds and a number of sponsors, Unstoppable tracks Bethany’s story from grommet to brilliant surf star and is billed as a “heroic tale of bravery, perseverance, athleticism, and hope.”

We can’t wait to watch it. Here’s a sneak peek of where the film began:

 This article was originally published on Babyology.