Think you know everything about The Wiggles? Take our trivia quiz!

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How well do you know The Wiggles? The kings of the kids have spent 28 years in the biz, entering the hearts and homes of littlies and grownups alike. So how much do you really know their colourful career?

How many Wiggles were there originally? Which member was voted Cleo's Bachelor Of The Year? Who married a Wiggle dancer? Take our 25-question trivia challenge and see if you're a Wiggles wiz or a wannabe.

Answers listed below -  no cheating! 

1. What rock band were Jeff and Anthony in before The Wiggles? 

A. The Mozzies
B. Adam And The Ants
C. Simon And The Slugs
D. The Cockroaches

2. How many Wiggles were there originally?

3. In 1999, which Wiggle was named Cleo magazine’s Bachelor of the Year?

A. Jeff Fatt
B. Anthony Field
C. Murray Cook
D. Wags The Dog

4. Which Wiggles were married?

5. How many ARIA Awards have The Wiggles won?

A. 14
B. 18
C. 6
D. 25

6. Which member has been in the Army?

7. Which TV show did The Wiggles famously appear on in 2001? 

A. Gladiators
B. Neighbours
C. Heartbreak High
D. Chances

8. Which educational institution did the original Wiggles meet at?

9. Which of the following is NOT a Wiggles album?
A. Wiggly Bay
B. Wiggly Time
C. A Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas
D. It’s A Wiggly, Wiggly World
E. Yule Be Wiggling
F. Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!
G. Wiggle Town
H. Wiggle Inside

10. Finish this Wiggles lyric: “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga…”

11. Name the group's swashbuckling pirate friend.

A. Captain Featherduster
B. Captain Longsword
C. Captain Feathersword
D. Captain Smellysword

12. Which member married a Wiggles dancer in 2006?

13. Which celebrity has NOT appeared on an episode of The Wiggles?

A. Keith Urban
B. Steve Irwin
C. The New England Patriots NFL team
D. Shane Warne

14. Which Wiggle originally voiced Dorothy the Dinosaur?


15. What song inspired The Wiggles’ band name?

A. 'Wiggle It (Just A Little Bit)' by 2 In A Room
B. 'Wiggle Wiggle' by Bob Dylan
C. 'Wriggle and Roll' by Peter Combe
D. 'Get Ready to Wriggle' by John Field

16. The Wiggles’ ‘Fruit Salad’ song contained just four fruits. Can you name at least three?

17. Which singer was made an honorary Pink Wiggle in 2009? 

A. Tina Arena
B. Justine Clarke
C. Kylie Minogue
D. John Farnham

18.  The Wiggles have a lot of friends. Who is NOT one of them? 

A. Officer Beaples
B. Professor Singalottasonga
C. Claws The Cat
D. The Cook

19. Yellow Wiggle Emma is famous for wearing what kind of hairpiece?

20. How many albums have the group released?

A. Over 30
B. Over 40
C. Over 50
D. Over 60

21. Where would you find Wiggle World in Australia? (hint: it's an amusement park)

22. Which of the below is NOT a Wiggles song?

A. Do The Propellor
B. Do The Pretzel
C. Do The Plank
D. Do The Skeleton Scat

23. Who leads the Underwater Big Band?

24. Which song have The Wiggles NOT covered in their career?

A. ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ by Lou Reed
B. ‘Angel Of Harlem’ by U2
C. ‘Under The Bridge’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers
D. ‘Dirty Deeds’ by AC/DC

25. In 2010, the original Wiggles were honoured with which national award?

D - The Cockroaches, who had a top ten hit with ‘She’s The One'.

 2. Five. Phillip Wilcher left after the first album to focus on composing music.

3. B – Anthony Field (sadly no photo evidence is online!)

4. Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins and Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie tied the knot in April 2016, before separating in 2018.

5. A – 14 ARIA Awards (and they were inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2011).

6. Anthony Field. He served from 1982 to 1985, and played bagpipes in the army band. 

7. B – Neighbours. Here they are rolling into Ramsay Street!

8. Macquarie University in Sydney, where Anthony, Greg and Murray studied early childhood learning

9. H. Wiggle Inside

10. “...Big Red Car!"

 11. C. Captain Feathersword

12. Sam Moran. He married dancer Lyn Stuckey, who played Dorothy The Dinosaur in the TV series. Later on, red Wiggle Simon Pryce married Lauren Hannaford (also a dancer, who also played Dorothy!) in 2017.

13. D - Shane Warne.

14. Murray Cook.

15. D - 'Get Ready to Wriggle' by John Field

16. Bananas, Apples, Melons, Grapes

17. C - Kylie Minogue. She sang on their song ‘Monkey Man on the album The Wiggles go Bananas

 18. C - Claws The Cat

19. Bows

20. C. Over 50. 

21. Dream World on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

22. C - Do The Plank

23. Henry The Octopus

24. D - ‘Dirty Deeds’ by AC/DC. While you're here, watch them perform ‘Angel Of Harlem’ on Spicks & Specks. 

25. The Order of Australia