Talent galore! Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl invites 10-year-old up on stage to play Metallica

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If only all rock stars were so great with kids! At a Foo Fighters show in Kansas City, Missouri, lead singer Dave Grohl invited a gorgeous young fan up on stage.

10-year-old Collier Cash Rule (rock 'n' roll name much?!) jumped up and shared with the crowd that yes, he did in fact also play guitar, with Metallica being his particular speciality!

And so the whole band launched into ‘Enter Sandman’, with Collier playing lead guitar. It’s truly an electrifying performance, and considering there was ZERO preparation for this, it’s amazing.

Look at him strutting around the stage like he was born there! He’s front of stage and rocking it, even giving confident nods to the audience.

Collier also gave a wee hint of another Metallica hit, ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’. Needless to say, Dave was pretty impressed with the little rockstar – even giving him the guitar he’d lent him to play on stage!

We should expect big things from talented Collier – hopefully his own stadium shows sometime in the future.