New 'tantrum' club lets mums lose the stress

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When your toddler’s on the floor, yelling and squealing, kicking and banging, every caregiver can attest to wanting to do the exact same thing. 

Fortunately for the screaming child in all of us, one Australian mum is adamant that this is precisely what us parents should be doing. 

Mum of two, Sally Phillips, has started Australia’s very first Tantrum Club.

Sally runs the monthly classes, focusing on letting mums physically release all of their pent up emotion and frustration. 

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, she says “We do a number of cathartic exercises, called ‘cathartic expression’, which involve moving the body in a way that helps release a specific emotion.”

On her website, she also says; 

“I’m passionate about helping women to find their voice and reconnect with their inner wild woman.

It’s time for women to give themselves permission to embrace all of their emotions.”

Mums, of all people, definitely need a release every now and then!

The idea was inspired by the UK’s Tantrum Club, aimed at being a release for stress, frustration and overall emotion. 

Interested in participating? At the moment, they’re only in Avalon, NSW. But the idea is so good, we're sure it will catch on Australia-wide. 

For more information about their June dates, head to