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Tash Sultana and Matt Corby just released their first ever collab, 'Talk It Out'

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Image: Dara Munnis (via Facebook)

Darlings of the Australian indie music scene, Tash Sultana and Matt Corby, have joined forces to release the laidback groove, 'Talk It Out' - and whoever came up with the idea that this duo should collaborate deserves a medal.

Their vocals blend harmoniously. Their musical talent is evident. It's a match made in music heaven.

But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself!

Don't worry, it gets the kid-friendly seal of approval.

More to come?

Apparently this track has been two years in the making. They started producing it back in 2017, with it originally intended for Matt's album Rainbow Valley, released in 2018.

However, due to the pair being on pretty different wavelengths at the time, they decided to hold off on releasing the track till their lives were more in sync. Back then, Tash was focusing on her musical career while Matt was more focused on his newest role of 'Dad'.

"Me and Tash have hung out a bunch and have conversations about music all the time," Matt told Triple J. "I felt as though the grooves would be right up her alley, our voices have similar timbre as well. It seemed like a really good fit to me, I’m just stoked that she said yes to be honest."

Tash didn't just say yes, she says she's keen for them to work together more in the future - she's even trying to get Matt in as part of her band.

We'll definitely be keeping our ears peeled for what comes next!