The 10 best dad jokes ever

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Besides awesomely raising kids, fathers are world-famous for one special skill - dad jokes! It's a unique strain of humour, blending knowingly cringeworthy comedy and pun-ishing punchlines (I proudly say that as a shameless dad joker myself).

Dad jokes are often met with groans at best and silence at worst, but in the lead-up to Father's Day, we're celebrating the most un-sophisticated humour known to man in all its glory. Here's ten of the best and by that, we obviously mean the worst. Eye-rolls on stand-by!

10. Wood this make you laugh?

9. Hole lotta LOLs

8. The peak of comedy

7. At least it's not a Uranus joke

6. So mushroom for laughs

5. Next level humour

4. Smells like dad spirit

3. This one's pretty cool

2. Snot funny

1. More than a feeling!