The exhausted parent's guide to getting more sleep

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Absolutely nothing impacts the everyday life of a parent more than sleep. We always want more and yet our children seemingly always want less. 

Why can't we agree? When will it end? Is there sleep in your future? 

We answer this and everything else you could ever possibly want to know about the elusive state of being in the series of Kinderling Conversation interviews below. 

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1. Safe sleeping for babies

Red Nose Australia is responsible for reducing the amount of Sudden and Unexpected Infant Death by 80% in Australia and they're determined to spread their safety message to more new parents.

2. The facts about co-sleeping

Sleep consultant Natalie Herman takes us through the safe ways to co – sleep and what to do if you’ve had enough of sharing your bed with a small human.

3. When toddlers don’t sleep

You get through the severe sleep deprivation of new parenthood and you think: ‘Awesome! I have a toddler and now we will all sleep through the night!”. Only that’s not always the case. Sleep consultant Natalie Herman, explains ways we can deal with little humans that still don’t sleep through the night.

4. Understanding the reason babies don’t sleep

Cindy Davenport is a registered midwife and the Founding Director of Safe Sleep Space. She says there are some very normal reasons why babies wake through the night.

5. What to do when your child drops their day sleep

When your little one drops their day sleep it can be a sad time for us as parents. That little break in the middle of the day is forever gone and your toddler can become irritable and ratty before bed time. Cindy Davenport from Safe Sleep Space gives her insight and advice into how to manage this transition time as smoothly as possible.

6. Surviving sleep deprivation when your kids are young

Families come in all shapes and sizes but the universal issue that unites them is sleep - or the lack of it. Jo Ryan is the founder of Babybliss, a parenting support service, and author of the book of the same name. She has some wonderful tips on how the whole family can get a bit more sleep in the early years.

7. Why and how lullabies work

What happens when we sing our babies to sleep? Dr Anita Collins hosts our new podcast The Lullaby Effect and explains why lullabies are so good for families.

8. The art of swaddling your baby to sleep

Kinderling’s Mothercraft expert Chris Minouge shares the secrets to wrapping your baby for their best possible sleep.

9. What are night terrors?

Not to be confused with nightmares, night terrors can be terrifying for parents to witness. Paediatric and adolescent sleep specialist Dr Chris Seaton from the Woolcock Institute tells us how to handle them. Firstly, don't try to wake them!