Introducing The Parent Panel: A long awaited podcast for every parent

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Being a parent makes you a member of an exclusive club, a membership that entitles you to the best hugs, damp kisses and a love that moves mountains. But of course, we can’t forget the boogers, poop explosions and less sexy parts of being a parent.

That's why Kinderling Kids Radio is launching The Parent Panel as a brand new podcast! The Parent Panel is a hilarious podcast where two of Australia's favourite parents will break down the week that was: From the news desk to the nursery.

Hosted by Kinderling's own Shevonne Hunt (mum of two, journalist and host of parenting show Kinderling Conversation), and an ever-changing mix of guest panelists from all over the country to make The Parent Panel come to life. It's an all-star lineup of parents, from insta-mums to political figures. All parents, all honest, all with a lot of laughs.

The Parent Panel host Shevonne Hunt with guest panellists media consultant and dad of two John Mangos, and Sky News presenter, author, and mum of two Jacinta Tynan.

Panelists include media personalities Chezzi DenyerKerri Sackville and Jacinta Tynan, actors and children's entertainers like Luke Escombe from The Vegetable Plot, podcast aficionados such as Mamamia's Holly Wainwright, comedian Merrick Watts, and more

The Parent Panel is the podcast for every parent feeling like everyone else has their lives together except them, and host Hunt is excited for the podcast to strengthen the parenting community.

Shevonne says, "This idea is to bring a mum and a dad together every week, to get their thoughts on everything from the furor surrounding Barnaby Joyce's 'love child', and lunchbox Nazis to whether or not co-sleeping with your child will stunt their growth."

Dr Justin Coulson is based in Brisbane, but that won't stop him from appearing on The Parent Panel! Pictured here via video link with Shevonne Hunt (L) and MamaMia's podcast queen and host of This Glorious Mess, Holly Wainwright (R)

 "There's nothing like this currently on air. It's the kind of show parents can listen to after a week of kid wrangling, when they can relax and laugh with the panelists, and be part of the 'village'."

The Parent Panel is recorded and broadcast nationally live every Friday during Kinderling Conversation on Kinderling Kids Radio, before being available later that day for download via The Parent Panel Podcast.

Listen to The Parent Panel on Apple Podcast, SpotifyStitcher  or wherever you get your podcasts – or tune in to the live recording every Friday at midday.