The top 10 musical appearances on Sesame Street

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We’ve been watching Sesame Street since we were kids ourselves! The show makers do a spectacular job of giving the parents something to enjoy too, with a whole range of musical cameos. Here are our ten favourites. What’s yours?

1. Stevie Wonder (Season 4, 1973)

Grover’s sad excuse for scat singing is fortunately balanced by Stevie’s spectacular talent (despite the compliment he gives his puppet friend).

2. Johnny Cash (Season 5, 1973)

Biff gets a bit starstruck by the country and rockabilly musician. In his first (but not last) Sesame Street appearance, Johnny does look a touch indifferent to the whole thing, though we bet his cameo sent the parents of 1973 into a spin.

3. Paul Simon (Season 8, 1976)

Joined by a groovin’ co-singer and a dancing crowd, Paul Simon’s acoustic set is a refreshing, casual interlude.

4. Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin (Season 20, 1988)

Self-proclaimed Grouch 'groupies’ Billy and Marlee serenade Oscar the Grouch, before handing over ownership of the piano. We love Marlee's signing support!

5. The Goo Goo Dolls (Season 31, 2000)

Check out the hair in this flashback! 'Slide' becomes 'Pride' for kids to sing at the end of a busy day - brilliant.

6. *NSYNC (Season 31, 2000)

Introduced by Elmo as “some guys who really have it together”, *NSYNC bring us their sugary pop to Sesame Steet. And of course, JT is wearing his classic bucket hat of the era while Big Bird and his crew bop along from side stage.

7. Destiny’s Child (Season 33, 2002)

Where to start with this one? We love you Destiny’s Child, but this was all shades of awkward. For some reason Kelly Rowland looks supremely uncomfortable through the whole thing. And Beyoncé – when did we ever think a red leather beret was a good idea? But still. It's Destiny's Child! We can't help but be obsessed with you.

8. Norah Jones (Season 35, 2004)

Poor Norah is devo when her friend, Letter of the Day Y, doesn’t show up. A tenuous stretch to make the famous song apply, but we can’t help but love ‘Don’t Know Y’ with her silky smooth and dulcet tones.

9. Andrea Bocelli (Season 36, 2004)

Andrea does a beautiful job of managing the bedtime battle with Elmo. With his stunning voice singing the lullabies, it’s no wonder Elmo settled down within the three minutes of the video.

10. Bruno Mars (Season 42, 2011)

Bruno hits the screen with some epic backup dancers in the form of Sesame Street’s cast. In his upbeat message we get to look at his good-looking face, hear his great voice, and the kids are given a positive message too.