The top 5 popular kids’ birthday party themes for your next fiesta

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New year, same birth date! We asked our Kinderling fam for their tried and true party themes, and a few helpful trends emerged.

1. TV or movie parties

Frozen was the choice of most for a good while there – but there seems to be a few other preferences these days.

According to our Kinderling fam, Dora the Explorer is popular, as is Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Mister Maker. Sesame Street is another fave – in particular our red furry friend, Elmo.

Classic characters like The Wiggles (specifically Emma), Minnie Mouse and Spiderman.

And we reckon you could always repeat the theme for child number two – ‘cause let’s face it. Peppa’s going nowhere. Nor The Wiggles!

2. Colour themes

This is easy as. What’s your child’s favourite colour? Or yours, for that matter? Pick a shade and run with it! Colour themed decorations, food and outfits. Couldn’t be easier!

Can’t choose a colour? Rainbow is a rather popular choice at the moment, too.

3. Mythical creatures

Unicorns, fairies and mermaids are all the rage right now – with both kidlets and adults. So it’s an easy theme to pull off, with a myriad of decorations out there.

One parent did say that her kid’s a massive fan of a few, so they had an … errr… interesting theme last time!

“Witches. No, no...Little Mermaid. No, wait...Fairies. Hang on, I think maybe Witches. Hang on, could we do Witch Mermaids? Yes! Witch Mermaids!” Kellie wrote.

And while not entirely mythical, dinosaurs semi-fall into this category too. In that kids are OBSESSED with them, but they’re also not physically around (right now!).

4. From A to B: Transport

Trains, cars and boats are a point of fascination with kids.

We all know a toddler obsessed with trucks – whether they’re monster trucks, garbage trucks, construction trucks … so tots would LOVE a party about them. Having a sandpit with toy trucks available is a time-consuming activity they’ll love, as well as truck races and even a truck cake (hello Australian Women's Weekly tip truck cake).

5. Emojis!

And perhaps if all else fails, your kid would love an emoji party. A lot of kids do actually know what emojis are, thanks to good ole smartphones being so common and the movie hero-ing the ‘characters’.

If the littlies haven’t quite cottoned on to the emoji train, at least all the grownups will get a kick out of the idea!