The top 3 baby sleep products as picked by parents

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When you first bring bub home, life seems to jump between bliss and sleep-deprived shell shock. How do you cope with sleepless nights? Why are they crying? And why does everyone you've ever met suddenly have an opinion on it all?!

When it comes to products that are supposed to make the pursuit of sleep less stressful, often it's wisest to ask people who've been through exactly the same position.

Tell Me Baby, a website where parents can upload product reviews based on their own experiences, is much like a Facebook hive-mind, only bigger and always switched on! Content Editor for Tell Me Baby, Mim Jenkinson, takes us through their top three sleep products as picked by parents.

1. Sleeping bags and swaddles

The favourite brands across the board were the GrobagErgopouch and the Aden+Anais swaddle.

Mim says the main reason parents love these brands of swaddles so much is three-fold. They're well known brands with a consistently good product record,  the prodcuts themselves are made from top quality materials, and the product designs are simple but clever, all made with the midnight nappy change in mind.

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"Lots of the sleeping bags have zips that go right from the top of baby's chin right to the toes like a sleeping bag so those middle of the night time changes are really easy, which is going to, in turn, help the babies settle and go back to sleep much quicker," Mim adds.

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2. Gro Egg

A funny looking little piece of tech, the Gro Egg is in essence a room thermometer and night light in one. First time parents are the most common reviewers of the product, saying it allayed their fears, particularly during the cooler months when it came to making sure their child's room wasn't over-heated.

One reviewer calls it "a necessity for first time parents" , "very useful in the early months" and "a great baby shower gift". The Gro Egg also changes colour with the temperature of a room. This feature makes it awesome for nervous first time parents still finding their feet and anxious about bub overheating overnight. As a bonus for those who love a matching nursery colour scheme, the colours of Gro Egg matches bub's Gro Bag swaddle. 

3. Oricom Baby Monitor

The world of baby monitors seems to be overflowing with options. There are products that film your baby, that send messages, some record all night. If anything, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the burden of choice! Mim says that of the products they have available for parents to review, the Oricom range of baby monitors, with video links, are among their most consistently highly rated products in the field. 

There are a few types of Oricom monitors that suit most budgets. Mim says the quality of the product is a key aspect to all the positive revierws, adding, "parents can keep an eye on their baby just to make sure all is well ... when they're asleep so they don't have to go in to check on them and risk waking them up." And isn't that just a dream when it comes to newborns!