The ultimate guide to eco-friendly kids' clothing

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Three awesome kids brands that weave sustainability into their products are (L-R) Oomph & Floss, Woollykins and Huxbaby.

When it comes to dressing your little people it can feel like fast-fashion is the easiest option. It can be an expensive undertaking too, which is why we often rely on department stores to cover the wardrobe essentials. 

But there are plenty of great Australian designers who are making sustainability a big part of their work. With the golden age of online shopping upon us, sustainable and local fashion is becoming a big part of how we shop for our families.

We've taken the leg work out of finding places to buy gorgeous clothes, from special outfits to wardrobe staples, that are ethically and sustainably produced, from around Australia. Here are seven great options to have a look at.

1. the Raisin did it

Designed by Aussie mum Mia, this brand began as a children's wear label using vintage and recycled fabrics. Now covering parents and kids, Mia's creations are either one of a kind or limited run, made by either herself or skilled local makers. On top of using rare and reclaimed fabrics, they also have a no waste policy, where offcuts become feature panels or smaller items like bunting. Their products are a gorgeous balance of hand made aesthetic mixed with professional polished finishes.

2. Oomph & Floss

Another great local brand committed to sustainability and ethical fashion, Oomph & Floss use Organic Textile Standard certified 100% organic cotton fabric and dyes. They’re also passionate about the environment and sustainability and are committed to providing a safe and regulated work environment for their garment makers.

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3. Little Emperor

This little boutique label was founded by Sydney designer and mum Elizabeth Bold. All their garments are designed and handmade by Elizabeth, and they believe in making high quality and hard wearing clothes for kids with a low impact on the environment; from the cutting table to the inner workings of the business.

Named after the Emperor penguin, Little Emperor are commited to giving back; sending 5% of their annual profits to The Australian Marine Conservation Society

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4. Hux Baby

Another Australian label that use certified organic GOTS cotton and cotton blends, Hux Baby's design philosophy is centred around minimalism, and peeling away all the peripheral fuzz of life; something parents know all too well!

Winter rompers 🐑

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5. Spell and The Gypsy Collective

Spell and The Gypsy Collective caters to both mums and kids. They're definitely advocates of doing their research and making sure that people are paid properly, and you know, ticking all the boxes. Founders Elizabeth and Isabella are looking beyond making a brand that is just sustainable - they're looking to drive change within the textile industry so that sustainability isn't an added feature, it's a requirement.

6. Aster & Oak

This West Australian brand have sustainability at the very heart of their work. All cotton sourced for their gorgeous organic baby clothes is produced ethically; from the soil the very cotton is grown in to the final stages of production. They use 100% certified GOTS cotton and dyes, while paying heed to the living and working standards of the farmers and textile workers who work on their garments. 

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7. Woollykins

This wool-centric brand with fun and good-for-the-earth stuff for kids was started by UK expat and mum, Brenna, in 2011. Originally just stocking their own Woollykins products, they've now grown to incorporate ethical brands covering everything from your trusty knitted beanie to natural nappy systems. They are also working on launching two new brands UMIFORM and Cobbled Together for their upcoming Spring Summer collection; this will mean more handmade pieces will be available too, as well as their naturally dyed socks.