The Wiggles vs David Bowie: "It's the exact same, mate."

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While The Wiggles have been on repeat for the past however many years you’ve had kids, have you ever noticed how similar they actually sound to David Bowie?!

Triple M recently brought this to our attention in Kennedy Molloy’s segment Not Cool. A listener, Glenn, rang up to suggest there was more crossover between the two artists than we ever realised.

"You listen to 'Caveland' and then go listen to 'Jean Genie' by David Bowie," he said.

"It's the exact same, mate."

Play them side by side – and the likeness is uncanny.

We’re pretty sure it’s a cover, just as they suspect in the segment. Have a listen to both of the tracks below!

Uncanny, right?!

Though it's not the only time The Wiggles have paid tribute to one of the greats. In The Emma and Lachie Show there's 'Prince Purple' a tribute to - you guessed it - Prince. Gotta love that they're sneaking some references in for us parents!