This 5-year-old dancing to 'Breathe' was all of us in our bedrooms back in the '90s

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Keith Flint, the eccentric frontman of The Prodigy, has passed away, aged 49.

The singer's rogue haircuts, jolting dance moves and high-energy stage presence saw him became somewhat of a "poster boy" for a new era of electronic music back in the '90s.

Indeed, one couldn't listen to Firestarter or Breathe without succumbing to the urge to close your eyes and channel your inner-Keith; and amid the outpouring of condolences on our news feeds today, we stumbled upon a video that hit us right in the feels.

A little Keith in all of us

The YouTube clip shows Ronnie, a five-year-old boy back in 2011, thrashing his limbs about to Breathe in front of the TV while his mum records. Looking at him, we see a little of ourselves - blasting The Prodigy in the safety of our bedrooms, closing our eyes and seeing what shapes came out.

"A true pioneer"

Keith's band mates confirmed the sad news of his death on Twitter, sharing: "The news is true, I can't believe I'm saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend, I'm shell shocked … angry, confused and heart broken." 

In their words he was a "true pioneer, innovator and legend."

R.I.P. Keith. The world has lost one of its greatest performers.