This app turns colours into a musical instrument on your phone

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Okay, this is for sure the cheapest musical instrument you can get your kid!

The Specdrum app and smart wearable ring work together to turn colours and random objects into musical instruments … and honestly, when we saw this our minds were totally blown.

A portable music-making system

The app allows you to choose sounds for any colour you can imagine or encounter. You simply tap the ring on anything in your environment – perhaps it’s your preschooler’s red shoes – and then use the app to connect that particular red with your chosen sound.

Now, when you tap the ring on your child’s shoe, it will play the sound you both chose!

Incredible and so much fun.

For more music and fun, listen to The Beanies:

Specdrum is not a solo endeavour as many applications can be. Far from it. The app uses bluetooth to ‘group’ more than one of their smart rings together, so you could wear one and your child the other – and thus you’ve formed an amazing colour-playing band!

Grab the fam!

The good folk behind this amazing device are obviously keen for families to see the world in a whole other way by integrating music into every part of life.

It’s hard to know what brilliant connections this is fostering in the brains of children and adults who play with this smart ‘toy’ together, but it’s at the very least creativity boosting and encourages keen observation skills, a love of music … and a whole lot of family fun!

The Specdrum – the name is a combo of colour spectrum and drum instrument we assume – app is available in the Australian App Store, so there is nothing stopping you from snapping one up. Specdrums retail from US$64.99 and will start shipping on 15 January (even to Australia!) Find out more here.

Note that this is not a kid’s toy, but is something for families to play with together. 

This post originally appeared on Babyology.