This daycare just nailed the biggest problem for working parents

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It’s an idea so brilliant you’re going to wish you thought of it yourself.

Except you probably have.

Like, every single night you’ve been at daycare pick-up dreading what to make for dinner (that no one really eats) when you get home.

Enter daycare franchise, Learn and Laugh’s $5 takeway dinner service.

That’s right. Demonstrating a canny understanding of the unique challenges for working parents, Learn and Laugh now offer healthy, freshly cooked dinners, for parents to pick up along with their kids on their way home from work.

Only $5 but worth so much more

The simple genius just makes me want to cry.

As co-founder, Lilach Weinniger said, "Being a working parent myself, I understand firsthand how tiring it is to finish a day of work and then go home to prepare a meal for the kids, not to mention all the other tasks that need to get done like helping with homework, reading to the kids etc ... At Learn and Laugh, we’re always looking for ways to make our parents' life easier and the dinner initiative was an obvious solution.”

According to the Learn and Laugh website, the dinners are simple and include things like chicken stir-fry with rice and spaghetti bologanise, and most families take one or two boxes home when they pick up their kids.

Most importantly, the meals are also different from what the children have eaten that day for lunch. It's such a simple idea and one that will hopefully take off in other daycare centres around Australia.

Listen to Susie Burell on Kinderling Conversation

Relax - dinner doesn't have to be a big deal

Dinner can be such a pain when you're all tired from a long day out of the house, but try not to stress too much.

In a recent interview with Kinderling Conversation, nutritionist Susie Burell said that workng parents should take the pressure off themselves when it comes to dinner for daycare-weary kids.

"Daycares have to serve a hot meal in the middle of the day, so your child just needs a snack at night time. A sandwich, some cut-up fruit and vegetables and a cup of milk is ample," says Susie. 

Susie says the same rule applys for us mums and dads. 

"If your job allows, try eating your main meal at lunchtime too. It’s when your energy levels are most high and will ensure you get through the day avoiding crash-out time or snacking on chocolates from the office charity box (okay, that’s not always a full-proof!) and it gives you back some precious family time in the evening."

What's your never-fail after-work dinner that everyone will eat?