This ‘exhausted mum’ costume is so accurate

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Never has a costume been more accurate! This fantastic dress-up has been lauded across the internet for its life-like qualities.

A real life example

Lindsay of The Hartsocks’ Photography shared this photo of her daughter Jillian, explaining that her kiddo had come up with the whole brilliant costume herself for Halloween … based on her own real-life example!

“Jillian’s ‘tired mom’ costume is literally EVERYTHING!” Lindsay posted on Facebook. “We did a whole photoshoot of her Halloween costume and I’ll share an album of it soon. She pulled this off perfectly!”

Let’s note all the perfect knackered mum details in this amazing photo …

  • Two glazed eyes, one foggy head and a bunch of harrowing memories from last night.
  • Next-level messy mum bun cleverly paired with yesterday’s makeup.
  • Babe-in-arms PLUS bonus toddler permanently attached to leg.
  • Large coffee (cold).
  • A Target bag stuffed with nappies, wipes and THREE bottles of wine.
  • Leggings. Because leggings are too pants if you are really, really tired.
  • T-shirt that has been through the wash 2745 times which now has no elastic in the neck due to children using neckline as Mummy’s ‘handle’. Paired with burp cloth, nursing pad, dummy clip, nappy and boldly discoloured nursing bra. Note that it’s also covered in baby puke. You’re welcome.
  • A once-lovely cardigan which has now turned into a dressing gown.
  • Regulation Ugg boots (coated in a fine mist of bodily fluids).

Modelled on her mum

Young Jillian legit modelled this look on her mum.

“We have 9 kids and a busy photography business,” her mum Lindsay told parenting site Scary Mommy.

“Jillian sees me trying to manage our big, active family AND also our profession… plus, she helps a lot so she knows exactly what it’s like to be a tired mommy (and sister!) and she thought it would be a perfect costume for her.”

Struck a chord

The photo struck a chord with so many other parents. They were keen to let Lindsay – and Jillian – know that they felt seen and understood.

“I legit thought this was me. From the yoga pants, spit up, Starbucks cup to the Target bag. She literally NAILED IT!! and can’t forget the nursing pad,” one posted.

“Nailed it!!” another posted. “Even the toddler attached to the leg – this is me 100% maybe not so much the wine but def the Starbucks Mum bun, toddler attached to me as well as the dummy, spit cloth … and bags under my eyes haha!”

“I don’t know who you are but I didn’t give you permission to use a picture of me,” another joked. “I’d fight you about this but my kid is screaming again. Brb.”

 This post originally appeared on Babyology