Thunderstruck! The Royal Australian Mint has released limited edition coins to celebrate AC/DC

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Australia’s dollarydoos are getting a shakeup of rock 'n' roll proportions! To celebrate “45 Years of Thunder”, the Royal Australian Mint has made 30,000 50c coins that feature AC/DC.

Unfortunately though, you won’t be seeing these in your wallets. They won’t be circulated, and can be purchased from the Royal Australian Mint website for the hefty price of $15.

There’s also 10,000 $5 coins which will set you back a cool $130.

And if you’re headed to the Cook Islands any time soon, you can see some more electrifying moula, with the $10 AC/DC coin there, even rarer than the mainland editions. Only 999 will be produced, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Black Ice album (an interesting choice, if you’ve ever listened in full!). 

We’d prefer to see the silver jangling round in our pockets as change, but ‘til then, collector’s edition it is!

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