To the moon and back! 12 fun activities for your space-loving toddler

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If you’ve got a space-loving toddler at home, you’re going to love these fun, easy activities you can do together to explore their favourite topic. With a few simple and cheap craft items, you and your little tike can take off for outer space for the day. Enjoy lift-off!

1. Rocket countdown magnetic puzzle

Image: Fantastic Fun & Learning: Pinterest

Create a magnetic rocket puzzle to practice counting, number recognition, and shape/colour sorting. Even if your toddler isn’t ready for counting yet, she’ll have lots of fun arranging the pieces to form their rocket shape.

2. Starlit night in a cup

Image: Creative Little Explorers/Pinterest

Create your own starry night with this fun painting activity that uses black paint, foam cups, star stickers and a glow stick to help your night sky light up!

3. Constellation sensory bag

Image: Playground Parkbench/Pinterest 

This easy and affordable activity offers some hands-on play fun for your space-loving child, who will love squeezing and squishing the watery galaxy around.

4. Rocket craft

Image: Toddler Approved/Pinterest              

These rockets couldn’t be easier to make – or more fun for both of you. Create your own cool wall art with these super cute fiery rockets.

5. Galaxy calm down bottle

Image: Preschool Inspirations/Pinterest 

If you haven’t discovered the magic of the calm down bottle over at your place, this galaxy-themed chill out bottle will be a game-changer for you. Whenever it’s time to calm down or seek out mindfulness, pull out your galaxy bottle, shake it up, and let your little person be mesmerised by the floating patterns.

6. Planet sun catcher

Image: Pre-K Pages/Pinterest

Although your toddler will need help with this one, seeing the different planets and colours bouncing around in the sunlight will amaze and delight them.

7. Solar System mobile

Image: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with a colourful mobile, and if it demonstrates how the solar system works, even better! As your toddler grows, you can teach the names of the planets and have fun pointing out the different colours and sizes.

8. Planet painting

Image: Mama of Littles/Pinterest 

All toddlers love getting creative with paint, and you can let yours go wild designing their own planets, or helping them label and recreate actual planets. Hang up your designs in a cool display to appreciate longterm.

9. Make a telescope

Image: Kids diys/ Pinterest

Help your toddler see the stars with this cute telescope activity. Simply use an old paper towel or cling wrap roll, decorate with paint and stickers, and DONE.

10. Toilet roll rocket

Image: My Teaching Station/Pinterest 

Put those empty toilet rolls to use by building these gorgeous mini rockets with your toddler. You can take care of any tricky cutting out and assembling, while your miniature designer-in-chief can decorate the completed model.

11. Build a giant rocket

Image: Mum’s Lounge/Pinterest 

Warning: do NOT show your toddler these giant awesome rockets unless you’re willing to go there! Seriously, how hard can it be? Grab some old cardboard boxes, cut them into shape and decorate accordingly. 3-2-1 liftoff!

12. Alien hands

Image: Pinterest 

For a lovely way to cherish those chubby little hands, have your toddler dip his hand in paint and place on paper. Then decorate fingertips with googly eyes for some crazy looking aliens.

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