The Top 10 children’s birthday cakes

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There’s no need to introduce The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. Making an appearance at all birthday parties since 1980, it’s infamous across the country. 

We’re loving the re-release of the recipe collection, so we’ve rounded up our Kinderling favourites from ten to one.

10. Numbers

A staple for parents after a simple, clear feature on the dessert buffet. The mix and match decorations are ingenious (many of which are also great for cupcake decorating too). 

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9. Cricket pitch

Easy, yet effective. Particularly awesome is the use of dye with the coconut. Use it as a base for the farm animals, cowboys and zoo recipes as well. 

Listen to the lady behind the recipes, Pamela Clark, on Kinderling Conversation:

8. Rocket

Every Aussie boy wanted this back in the day. Great for space girls too!

7. Little Piggy

What a cutie! Sometimes less is more (and this is one of those times). 

6. Choo-choo train.

The cover star! All stations to yum-town with this tasty train.

5. Robert Robot

High risk with high reward. Mis-cut any of these pieces and you’ve got a wonky looking bot, but when executed well – wow-factor out the wazoo. 

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4. Candy Castle

Surprisingly tall (thanks cones), this was surely a fave purely cause for the exorbitant amount of lollies (shout outs to the Gingerbread House and Sweets Shop for the same reason). Clever parents could modernise it by using the structure and swapping the colours for their very own King’s Landing. 

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3. Dolly Varden/Dancing Girl

For many girls, these were the dream. Barbie + cake = a slice of sugary birthday heaven. 

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2. Rubber Ducky

Here we see some fantastic 3D visuals, genius use of the crinkle cut chip, plus hilarious popcorn hair akin to a barrister’s wig. Plus that mix of sweet and salty give it another taste dimension too.

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1. Swimming pool

An amazing architectural feat, and the torment of cake-making parents everywhere.

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