The Top 10 germiest kids’ items in your house

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All parents are aware that kids are fairly grubby. Touching each other, whatever’s around them and, of course, us. But what are they infecting most with their little fingers (and therefore, what should we clean more)? 

US family research and review site A Secure Life has done the dirty work for us and discovered the top 10 bacteria-ridden kids’ items in the home. 

First up, they conducted a survey asking parents what they thought would have the most germs. Many (understandably) predicted the TV remote and mobile devices as the top two items, closely followed by the nappy bag, sippy cup and car keys. 

They then did the research and tested each item. You can watch the full process below! 

What did they find? Mainly, that the parents were completely wrong about where most of the germs lie. The TV remote and mobile devices didn’t even make the top three! 

Instead, taking out the number one spot was the stroller, followed by the good old dummy and sippy cup. 

Top 10 germiest kids items: 

  1. Stroller
  2. Dummy/sippy cup
  3. Plush toys
  4. Nappy bag
  5. TV remote
  6. Plastic toys
  7. Board book
  8. Bedroom door and door knob
  9. Tablet/smart phone
  10. Car keys 

Why are strollers so mucky? The researchers suggest it’s because they’re often stored in garages, an area of the house with a lot of temperature and humidity changes. It’s also where there’s dust, exhaust fumes and where visiting creatures like to hide. 

It’s important to note that not all germs are bad… But of course there are others that do cause disease. The researchers found a lot of streptococci bacteria growing on strollers, particularly on the handles and cup holders. This can cause strep throat, pink eye and meningitis. On the dummies, they found E. coli and other bacteria linked to Salmonella.

Tips for avoiding illness on Kinderling Conversation:

Are there any items you can see missing in the list? Do you think the results would be the same in your home?