Getting to know: travelling mum of five Courtney Adamo

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Courtney Adamo is the co-founder of Babyccino and The ShopUp. She recently packed up her and her husband’s life in London, travelled the world with her family of four kids, and they’ve all just settled in Byron Bay (as well as welcoming baby number five!). 

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She gives us a glimpse into ten bits of daily goings-on in her family. 

1. Most recent parenting win was...

Just this morning! The baby was crying as I was trying to make breakfast and Michael was making the school lunches. Our eldest, Easton, picked up the baby and bounced him gently to sleep. I managed to get breakfast on the table, eat and put a load of laundry in the machine before he woke again!

2. Song that's on high-rotation at my house is...

Embarrassingly, we have been listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat. The kids are completely obsessed! I’ve never even seen the movie but I know the words to all the songs! 

There were FIVE in the bed....!! ✨

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3. Favourite parents to follow on Instagram?

Oh that’s tricky. There are so many! Of course I love following my friends and business partners @estherbabyccino and @emiliebabyccino. I also love local mamas @little.winnie, @jetsetmama, and @olliella.

4. Go-to family meal...

Our kids are pretty adventurous eaters (they’ll even eat spicy curries!), but if given the choice of what to eat, I think they’d all choose pasta. We make a lot of vegetarian pastas with whatever veggies we can get from the farmers markets (zucchinis, squash, tomatoes, etc.).

5. A recent moment where your kids almost broke you...

Our baby doesn’t like being in the car seat and usually ends up crying hysterically every time I have to drive somewhere, which means I end up arriving in a frazzled state. I’ve had five babies and not one of them has liked being in the car!

6. Most well thumbed book on your kids shelf?

My girls are really loving the Ruby Red Shoes books, and the boys are really into the Wings of Fire series. I think my children’s all-time favourite illustrated book would be the Maps book by Big Picture Press.

7. Trends you're loving right now - interiors, fashion...

I’m loving the black and white Pampa horse photography by local photographer Victoria Aguirre. I love the beautiful shoes from the local brand, St. Agni. And I wish I could decorate my entire house in furniture from Pop & Scott!

8. A joke my kid tells is....

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Cows go

Cows go, who?

No… cows go moo!

9. When I have half an hour away from work and kids I like to....

Squeeze in 20 minutes of yoga! My favourite yoga teacher from London, Nadia Narain, has yoga DVDs (available on iTunes), and so I can thankfully fit in a quick yoga session during naptime without leaving the house.

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10. Parenting motto?

Go with your gut! There are so many parenting books, tips, methods, and advice out there and so often they are conflicting and confusing. I think it’s best to slow down, listen to your intuitions, tune into your children, and do what works best for you and your family.