Want a nature lover? 7 tips from dirtgirl on encouraging garden play

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There are few places on Instagram that truly make your jaw drop. And dirtgirl's account is one of them! Just look at the magic of this multi-coloured corn.

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Glass Gem Corn 🌈🌈🌈 It’s unreal how beautiful our world really is! Happy Friday, tribe! Love dirtgirl xxx ... Repost @cropswapaustralia ・・・ Glass Gem corn 🌈 🌽 our seedlings are going in the ground this week. I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when its time to dehusk 🍭📷@ducklingdesigncompany . . . #spring #cropswapau #crop #harvest #homegrown #growyourown #growtoeat #permaculture #organic #organicgarden #organicgardener #produce #womenwhofarm #ediblegarden #freefood #urbanfarming #urbangarden #organicfood #cropswap #heirloomvegies #garden #gardening #corn #sustainability #maize #glassgemcorn #chemicalfreeliving #kitchengarden #sustainableliving #popcorn

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But dirtgirl also shares really great tips for gardening as a family and we’ve collated her best ones here. For more of her nature tips, listen to Dirtgirl's Nature Detective Academy! Our brand new podcast encourages kids to explore the great outdoors.

1. Don’t leave rotting fruit on the vine

If you’re growing produce, make sure you pick it when it’s ripe, especially tomatoes and capsicums. Pick up fruit that has dropped onto the ground, and eat it if it’s still intact and yummy-looking, or chuck it into the compost if it’s not.

2. Plant plants that will make a nice home for critters

Each local area has insects and animals that belong there. When you plant things that they live in, you’re helping your whole neighbourhood stay nice and healthy.

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LOVE 🌈 I love growing my own food! Especially in Spring ✨ And I love keeping my garden safe from pests... I make sure I don’t leave rotting fruit on the vine (like tomatoes and capsicums) and I pick up fruit that has dropped onto the ground, I plant plants that will make good habitat for the kind of insects and animals that belong in my neighbourhood, I buy locally grown food and I companion plant - like with these beauties here: nasturtiums 🧡 Looking after my garden, helps my whole neighbourhood! I also make sure I travel smart when I’m going to other people’s neighbourhoods - like, I don’t take fruit or food (or I make sure I bin it at the airport!), I clean my Grubby boots and stuf, I NEVER litter (who even does that?!) and I learn about their local ecosystem. There’s always so much cool to stuff to learn to help us handle our country with care! How do you keep your garden / neighbourhood healthy? 💚💚💚 dg xxx #love #family #friends #community #growyourown #growyourownfood #food #garden #gardeningwithkids #companionplanting #permaculture #spring #travel #homeandaway #countryhandlewithcare

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3. Travel smart

It’s easy to clean your shoes, leave all food behind and to dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully when you’re exploring a new place. This all protects their local ecosystem, which you should learn about too!

4. Appoint a Senior Pest Inspector

The Senior Pest Inspector’s role is to keep an eye on which creepy crawlies are in your garden, if they’re welcome or if they’re eating the lovely veggies you’re growing!

For older kids, they could keep a record and even research permaculture ways to protect plants from pests.

5. Start a nature journal

An easy way to encourage creativity while exploring outside. You can paint or draw the things you see, keep track of what you’re growing, plus when and even which creepy crawlies or buzzing bees are visiting your garden. It also helps to note which plants these critters like most!

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Nature journals rock!!! I love mine sooo much 💖 I challenge you to start a nature journal at your place this week - you and your gang can paint or draw things you see, you can keep track of what you’re planting & when and even which creepy-crawlies or buzzy bees are visiting your garden & which plants they’re loving most! 💌🌱✨🌻💚🌸 #Repost @oliveapplemoss ・・・ A little nature journaling of my own. So delighted to have discovered art journaling through @naomibulger's Create with Confidence course. I love having a place to sketch and play and experiment and create with no need for it to be 'good' or to serve any purpose other than creation for the soul. I pull it out when I don't have the time, energy or inspiration to do anything more substantial than make marks or scribble thoughts. I'm a total convert. I think everyone should have one, whether you're an artist or not. #illustration #watercolour #illustrationnow #onmydesk #artjournal #naturejournal #createwithconfidence #myeverydaymagic #myeverydaymoments #mindfulness #meditation #theartofslowliving #inspiredbynature #monday

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6. Be curious

Step outside the garden with your crew to take in three little things that nature does. It might be the fascinating way a flower’s petals form, or the way ants communicate, or any other of the many wonderful parts of nature.

7. Make art with what you find

Go outside for a wander. Collect some beautiful leaves that catch your eye. Use them, some paper and a hole punch to make a cool leaf robot!