Watch the Teletubbies get their freak on in Missy Elliot mash-up

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Warning! This video contains some adult themes.

In an unlikely combo, the Teletubbies and Missy Elliot have been united and it is amazing.

Youtuber Robert Jones has made this all possible with his fantastic mash-up of the colourful crew singing and dancing to Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’. Finally, Teletubbies we can actually get on board with! 

It’s one of those tunes that gets everybody up on the dance floor no matter what, and since the Teletubbies are rarely seen not wiggling their derrieres, it was only a matter of time before they boogied to some Missy. 

Starting with that creepy smiling sun baby, progressing to Tinky Winky hitting a drum in time, and the booty shaking throughout the video (not to mention Po’s tutu) – it’s an edit executed with perfection.

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