This video of baby-carrying mums dancing is beyond cute

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We love this! Check out these mums busting moves with their bubs in baby carriers in a dance class together. 

The adorable video has already gone viral, with over 1.8 million views on Facebook. It’s the creation of the KangaGroove dance school, run by instructors Amber and Meeshi Anjali in San Diego, California. 

Writing about their classes on their site, they explain: “In the womb, mother and baby move to the same heartbeat. Dancing with your baby is a natural extension of this vital rhythmic synchronization. Benefits: bonding more deeply with your baby, improving baby’s sensory-motor development, getting a low-impact aerobic workout, socializing with other mamas, and gaining confidence as a new parent.”

The group have even performed public flashmobs in shopping malls

Could baby-wearing be the new dance craze of 2016? It might be tricky in clubs given they have no ID, but in playgrounds and preschools, for sure.

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