We are family: Kinderling celebrates National Families Week

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Dad Matt Stegh and his son

It's National Families Week and Kinderling Conversation's been celebrating families in all their fabulous forms this week. From emergency foster carers to friends who became parents to families born around the world, we spoke to inspiring people who shared their own heartfelt experiences of family, kids and caring. Here are their stories... 

Dad Matt Stegh co-parents with a friend

Matt says he always knew he wanted to be a dad, but he also knew he didn’t want to do it the conventional way. So, he found a friend. Fast forward nine years and he, his friend and his son make one successful and happy family. 


Julie Green and Georgie Smart discuss blended families

"Communication, communication, communication," is what Julie Green, Executive Director of the Raising Children Network, told us it takes to make a happy blended family. Hear Julie's advice and Georgie Smart's personal experience of the challenging and rewarding aspects that make large blended families work.

Foster carers Janet and Lisa

Janet and Lisa discuss becoming foster carers

Janet and Lisa are respite and emergency foster carers for Stretch-a-Family in Sydney. They often take kids when they are at their most vulnerable, but they say that it’s fun, rewarding and that it makes a real difference. 

Saman Shad had three babies on three different continents

Journalist Saman Shad talked us through travelling with tiny babies and toddlers, and explains what it's like bringing up mixed-race children in Australia today.

Saman Shand and her nomadic family

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