We’ve found the first music videos of The Wiggles and there’s not a skivvy in sight

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The Wiggles first formed in 1991, and by the end of that year they’d recorded their first album and sold 100,000 copies. Not bad, right? Their first gigs were varied, including in daycares, shopping centres, busking on the street, for playgroups and birthday parties.

However, The Wiggles of the early ‘90s were quite different to the stadium-playing act we know today, as their very first music videos go to show.

Check out Dorothy the Dinosaur’s first appearance:

There’s so much to talk about here.

Number one – the lack of skivvies. And identifiable colours. I mean, I can hardly recognise Greg Page without his classic yellow getup. He has, in fact, stolen Jeff Fatt’s purple, and it is jarring to say the least.

Number two – Dorothy’s weird costume. Help! That green thing looks like an awkward loose skin, and doesn’t even extend to the wrists! The pants are green jeans, for heaven's sake! There is no way kids could mistake this for anything other than a funny grownup wearing the most bizarre outfit. Clearly a budget costume, which is understandable in the early days.

Number three – and perhaps the most important question here - who the heck is that fifth guy?! A dive into The Wiggles’ Wikipedia page reveals that the fifth Wiggle in question is Phillip Wilcher, a former member of Anthony Field’s first band, The Cockroaches, and one of the key song writers for the first album the kids’ band released. Phillip left the band in 1992, which is probably why the majority of us aren’t acquainted with him.

All of the above is repeated in this other music video from the time, 'Get Ready to Wiggle'.

The eventual choice of assigning colours to each member was definitely one of the best choices the guys ever made!