We want this incredible Lego tape

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We all love and hate Lego in equal measures. It’s awesome for kids and the child in all of us, but the pain it causes when stepped on results in a rage like no other. 

But we’ve fallen head over heels with this accessory for the ingenious toy bricks. 

Toy block tape is our new favourite invention, and we want it now. You can cut and bend to stick on any surface at home for kids to play with anywhere!

The possibilities are endless – transportable creations on the car door, Lego-decorated mugs, on the fridges, in the bath… playtime is neverending. 

Created by Nimuno Loops, the brainchild of Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, professional industrial designers based in Cape Town, it’s been a raging success since they first shared the idea online three days ago. 

Clearly people want this worldwide, because they SMASHED the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign by 12669% (at time of writing), raising over US$1 million... and they still have a month left! 

Nimuno Loops ship anywhere, and it’s not going to break your bank either. You can order two rolls (that’s two metres of tape) for US$11, (around AU$15). According to the Indigogo page, it will all be ready by July 2017, so a little while to wait but it should well be worth it. 

They’re even asking what colour tape we want next and taking votes. You can cast yours here.

Whatever will keep the scream-inducing pieces off the ground is more than welcome in our house!

See more of their awesome ideas for how to use it below.

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