This is what Olivia White's ideal date night looks like. How about you?

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Oh, date night. Like most things pre-kids you were SO much fun. But these days even deciding on where to go and how much you can afford to spend and even how freaking tired you both are just makes it, a little less enticing...

Yep, nothing screams ‘real life’ more than parenting little children. Even, (or should that be particularly) when it comes to romance and blogger Olivia White, from the House of White captured date night after parenting perfectly with this photo on the weekend. 

It's Olivia and her husband, enjoying a kiss with a beer in hand; their toddler balanced on Olivia’s hip and what looks to be the remnants of a day spent in the garden all around them.

Do what you want to do

“Date night 😏 I mean pretty dresses and candle lit dinners are nice but sometimes just spending quality time, doing the things you want, with the people you love is all you need 💕” wrote Olivia.

“Life demands so much of you these days 😬 And it can be easy to believe the ‘hype’ that you need this, that and lots of it 🤔 but really you just need to stop listening to what everyone else tells you that you need and do whatever the feck you want 🙋🏼‍♀️”

Olivia’s honesty struck a chord with her Instagram followers cheering her on from the side lines, and their own comments are a heartening reminder (or should that be reality check) of romance for couples with young kids.  

Like: “Yes!!! Date night is dinner at home & snuggles on the lounge watching a movie 👌 I'm dreaming of a date night where hubby & I can sit at home alone for the night but for now family dates are just as good.”

And this:

“Love this is totally our life. Accomplishing so much around the house, having a few drinks and our son spending as much time as possible outside. Just perfect!!”

And this:

“We had a date day today. Involved having a few drinks while digging out plants and cooking on the webber. Good times. Seriously, we had a hoot chatting and mucking around with the kids. No make up or fancy clothes involved.”

Tips for making date night special - even when you're staying at home

Mix up the conversation and not just talk about money and the kids (hard, I know) but , Life Hack collated this awesome list of 100 'out of the box' date night questions.

Make a backyard bonfire or invest in one of those fire pits they sell at Bunnings, pour a glass of something, bring out the baby monitor and chat under the stars.

Challenge yourselves to finding something fun to do with a $ goal: There are some cute ideas on here for date nights under $20 ie, download your favourite movie from your teenage years, buy a mindful colouring book and do one each, make a curry from scratch etc.