Mums tell us what they really want for Mother's Day

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Forget flowers and chocolates, we know what mums really want this Sunday. We asked mothers on Facebook for their wishlist and we were inundated with responses.

Not surprisingly, the dreaded bath salts and scented candles didn’t even get a mention. No, it turns out what you really desire deep-down is those intangible, ‘money-can’t-buy’ things like sleep, precious ‘me’ time and someone (“anyone other than me!”) to do the chores. Your responses impressed us, moved us, made us laugh and yes, Linda, even made us blush.

Collating the results, here’s your wishlist presented as a pie chart…

Diving deeper, here's a breakdown of how you'd like to spend your time:

Drinking got a few mentions too. Here's your preferred cuppa of choice:

What you had to say:

Here’s just a few of our favourite fabulous responses from listeners - and hint to the male present-buyers out there, only one of them involves 50 Shades of Grey. Thanks to everyone who responded - it made for a lovely read. We hope you have a magic, restful day. 

Jocelyn: “To pee alone, to drink a hot coffee in peace, to eat my entire meal without stopping for something, 8 hours’ sleep and a really good back massage.”

Kirsty: “My daughter’s magic fairy to be true - she can clean and take care of cooking and all the planning and prep of everything. Then a massage, nails done, endless supply of chocolate and coffee!! My sewing room decked out. A day to stroll the shops for a new winter wardrobe range.”

Julienne: “A cup of tea, sitting in a dark cafe, reading a book.... A pair of shuffle-around-the-house slippers, an Uberkate jewellery piece with my gorgeous kids’ names on it (‘cause my husband doesn't even know it exists) and 4 uninterrupted hours on my own to do whatever I want.”

Danielle: “Cups of tea, kisses and cuddles at regular intervals followed by quiet mum time and a nap. Ooooooh and a cleaner, definitely a cleaner for a thorough once-over of the house, which then is maintained with ease and everyone lives happily ever after.”

Sally: "For the kids to get along & be happy (no crying/whinging/screeching etc), sleep in, alone time, trashy magazines, good quality chocolate, T2 tea, wine.... Am I asking for too much??"

Jasmine S: “Someone other than me to clean the toilet!”

Chantel: "I would like to eat a nice meal. Alone! While it's hot! I adore my kids but the idea of having a lovely lunch ( I didn't cook ) would make me feel spoilt!"

Katrina: “To get my hair done. I’m a single mum and hairdressers never seem to work their way into my budget!”

Belinda: “Alone time with a bottle of wine and a really good book!”

Sonia: "For my kids to be able to think of things to do all day long that doesn't involve electronics and screens!"

Kathryn: “For my 3-year-old to poo in the toilet… And a whole bunch of sleep, pretty please?”

Jasmine R: “I’m asking for a pet goat. Hubby's not keen!”

Linda: “Getting half of what I want already (it’s confirmed!) I want Doug Anthony Allstars tickets. I’m going on a stripper cruise with a 50 Shades of Grey theme and mostly I would love the children to sleep in and behave for the day... no fighting, just playing together nicely...”

Read the full Facebook thread here


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