You’ll love the name stereotypes from this 1986 baby name book

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What’s better than a great list of baby names from 2018? A list of baby names from 1986, of course.

Some fellow named Christopher Andersen apparently worked with ‘researchers’ to construct this list of ‘unusual’ names (we had always thought John was pretty ‘usual’, but hey!). Clearly, mums of the ’80s were also a bit obsessed with the naming game, so there was a market for it!

Some of them are fairly kind descriptions, but others are just downright insulting. Take Stacey, for example, who is considered to be “brisk but sexless”. Benjamin is described purely as “dishonest”. And Nicole gets a rating of “average on all counts".

While Kevin is very popular (and virile!), Michael is very, VERY popular. Found this to be true in your friendship circles?

You can check out the full, hilarious list below (and make sure you share with all your friends named Mark! And Patricia. And Vicky too. LOL.)