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This ‘Problems Only 5-Year-Olds Understand’ video is gold

The struggle is real, people.

Awesome café welcomes breastfeeding mums with free tea

What a lovely idea! We hope it catches on around the country. 

Photobombed! 13 hilarious baby photo fails

These pics give 'baby shower' a whole new meaning!

'Boobies In A Box' pokes fun at public breastfeeding debate

Watch the hilarious video promoting this new "revolutionary modesty device".

Seven tips to tackle night-time toilet training

Nappy-less nights already giving you nightmares? Childcare expert Chris Minogue shares great advice to get past the big wet.

Roy Slaven joins HG Nelson on We Was Robbed

The radio legend joins his old sparring partner on the show for the next two weeks. Tune in this Saturday 8-10am.

5 reasons why kids refuse food (and how to tackle it)

Jess Beaton, nutritionist with One Handed Cooks, shares her advice on how to deal with food refusal and get finicky babies to eat.

How to negotiate with a toddler

Sometimes parenting can feel like you’re a police negotiator and your sanity’s being held hostage. Here's how to defuse the situation.

Need a playdate? Get our new app Tinderling

It's set to revolutionise how your kids make friends - get your first month FREE right now!

Ten tips to toilet train your toddler

If you're having a wee problem getting your toddler out of nappies, check out Chris Minogue's tips for turning the tide. 

13 funny Easter fails to help you laugh off the sugar crash

Because sometimes Easter celebrations can go a little bit wrong. 

Lessons from a birthday party bonanza…

How far have you gone planning your child’s birthday party? 

We sent Max to interview Cookie Monster - watch the video

Watch what happens when this little legend interviews one of the world's biggest stars. 

Free Kinderling party at the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day

Kinderling gets set to rock Luna Park as Playgroup NSW hosts the ultimate free day out with Sam Moran, Hi-5 and more.

Confessions of a kids’ party entertainer

Randy relatives, dad jokes and swift kicks to the Bat-bits... it's all in a day's work for superhero entertainer Caleb Alloway. 

Kinderling's expert Chris Minogue releases great new baby book

Our resident baby guru Chris Minogue has penned Bringing Baby Home, the essential guide for the modern Australian family.

Seven amazing role models to celebrate International Women's Day

Kinderling Conversation speaks with author and social researcher Rebecca Huntley about female role models we can all be proud to look up to.

Doctor delivers specially-designed ‘push playlist’ for expecting mums

About to drop it like it's hot? This playlist features 30 songs for streaming when you’re screaming, but sadly, there's no Salt-N-Pepa.

Watch Beyonce play surprise show at school

Most parents read a book in class or bake for the cake sale. Pop superstar Beyonce plays surprise concerts. Watch the crazy video.

5 awesome apps for new school starters

Letters and numbers don't stand a chance with these exciting and interactive apps under $10. 

How to avoid screen time tantrums and other tech tips for kids

Got a problem getting your little one off your iPad? Learn how to unplug them without the tears.

The Facebook Reactions parents really need

Say hello to Too Tired To Post, Poo Fingers and more - Reactions that truly represent the parenting experience. 

Download our free Kinderling app

We’re pretty excited to announce the arrival of our new bundle of joy. That’s right, it’s the Kinderling app – available now on Apple iOS and Android.

Original Wiggles planning more reunion shows, first stop Melbourne?

The group had so much fun at last Friday's adults-only gig, they’re already discussing doing it again.