This super cute stationery aids children in remote Australia

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Tue 13 March 2018

7 mins

Buying stationery can be super duper fun. Choosing your favourite colours, that feeling of a fresh start - not mention the sense of satisfaction at how organised you are.

Kids aren't immune to this excitement either, so we're so glad this awesome stationery company exists. Yoobi provides stationery, while also giving back to the community. For every item bought they will donate supplies to a school in need. Now they’ve partnered with World Vision to get stationery supplies to schools in remote areas of Australia.

Lance  Kalish is the co-founder of Yoobi, and he talks about what this partnership means for the company, and how you can support their great work - with just a click of a pen!

We have some VERY exciting news! ✨ @yoobiaustralia will be partnering with @worldvisionaus in 2018! Yoobi are supporting World Vision Australia’s Childhood Care and Development Programs in Indigenous communities, providing stationery supplies to some of Australia’s most remote locations. World Vision Australia has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities since the 1970s. Distance and expense make it hard to attract the services, support and resources that other children in Australia have access to. We are thrilled to share with you, that within the coming weeks, over 15,000 Yoobi supplies will be reaching some of these communities! Thank you to all of you, for your support and helping us make this happen! 🙌🏼#worldvisionaustralia #yoobigives #giveback #sharefive

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