The Parent Panel: failing in front of our kids, the sugar wars, sickness and childcare, snakes in backpacks

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Fri 16 February 2018

29 mins

This episode of The Parent Panel is helmed by Sean Johns from The Fathering Project and Carly Abrahams, founder of Mums The Word Aus and Mums Pages. Hosted as always by the inimitable Shevonne Hunt.

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When parents fail as role models 

Barnaby Joyce’s astounding hypocrisy regarding traditional family values and his own behaviour is a very large (and public) example of when a parent fails to talk the talk and walk the walk. A good example of his litany of lies was written about as an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald. We are all told we are our children’s most important role models. How hard has it been for you to be a good role model for your kids, have you ever failed in front of them, and what have you done if  you’ve been caught out? 

The battle over sugar

Is sugar the ultimate evil in the world (like cigarettes) or is it ok to give your kid occasional treats? Shevonne wrote about how she tries to practice moderation, but there are so many conflicting messages and strong opinions on the subject. Do you restrict your kids’ intake of sugar? Should parents be allowed to censure other parents who let their kids eat sugar?

The Parent Panel L-R. Sean Johns of The Fathering Project, host Shevonne Hunt and Carly Abrahams of Mums Pages.

What to do when sickness calls

We’ve all dropped kids off to day care and seen that child with the runny nose, looking decidedly contagious. So what happens when it’s your own child spluttering everywhere and you have to be at work? It's such a common dilemma, and how do you know when to draw the line? What happens in your home when a child is sick, and how do you manage the juggle between work and looking after an ill child?

Defending your kids like a boss

This week in Queensland (where else?) a girl found a red belly black snake in her school bag.  When have you had to face a terrible beast (and this could be a cockroach, spider or snake – whatever you’re scared of) for your family. How did it turn out?

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