The Parent Panel: Make-up themed birthdays, bribing kids to cooperate, celebrity parenting goals

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Fri 29 June 2018

32 mins

In this episode of The Parent Panel, founder of Mummy Time Chezzi Denyer and comedian Gary Eck talk through the news of the week for parents.

Along with host Shevonne Hunt they discuss;

  • Photos of your children online
  • Sexist birthday parties
  • Bribery and rewards
  • Celebrity A-teams to rescue you from a family meltdown

Is it our job to protect our child’s digital footprint?

Pip Lincolne of Babyology  wrote about a mum  who asked her family and friends not to share images of her baby online. One of the reasons the mum  put the ban on pictures is to protect her child’s digital footprint. She said “This is the first generation that has no say in their online presence, and we want to respect her future choice to be online or not.” Has this mum got a point? Is it up to us to stop posting and sharing images of our kids, so that when they’re older they can choose how they will be remembered online? Or will they be the ones wondering why you didn’t post images of them when all their peers have an online collection of memories? When we can’t know how this digital footprint will be perceived in the future, what is the right decision to make? 

Would you let your six year-old girl go to a make up party?

This week Shevonne's was given an invitation to a make-up party. She’s only six. Shevonne was a bit unsettled by the concept until she had time to think about it. Ultimately she decided it’s harmless fun and she should be able to go.Would you let your daughter go to a make-up party? Are there any social activities that you would stop your children from going to?

Do you bribe your kids to get things done?

This week Jo Abi  confessed on Nine Honey that she bribes her kids all the time. It’s a confession, because while we all do it at some point, no one wants to admit it.  There have been a few horrific mornings before school where host Shevonne has actually promised her son a lollie or a biscuit if he will get in the car. But she's guick to point out that bribery only happens in the most desperate circumstances. Do you use bribery, and if you do- when do you use it and how well does it work? And has it ever back fired?

You are in the middle of a family-apocalypse scenario- who is your celebrity A-Team that come to rescue you?

This week News Limited 's Victoria  Hannaford  outlined what celebrities she would use in an apocalypse. Imagine you are in your own family-style-apocalypse scenario. It’s 5pm. You’ve just got in the door from a big day at work. Your toddler has pooped his pants and your five year-old is screaming bloody murder because she’s hungry. There is nothing in the fridge. The sink is full of dirty dishes and the washing is on the line – sitting under a fine drizzle that has just started to fall from the night sky. Your partner won’t be home for another three hours. Who do you bring in?

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