Making the holidays awesome

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Fri 11 September 2015

6 mins

Screen time might be something you want to avoid these coming school holidays, but here are some great ideas on how you and your kids can have fun making stuff with technology together. 

Our resident children's technology expert, Dr Kate Highfield from the Institute of Early Childhood, says 'Using technology can document, extend and enrich your child's 'making' in many ways.' Here are her suggestions...



  • Adobe Voice (iOS) Records your voice and adds photos to your projects 
  • Book Creator (iOS/Google Play) Make your own picture books, journals and children's books
  • WePublish (iOS) Write, illustrate, publish and print your own 8-page mini book


  • Lego Movie Maker (iOS) Brings Lego characters to life by creating a custom Lego stop-motion movie
  • PicPac (Google Play) Allows you to create stop motion movies, animation and time lapse in one app
  • iMovie (iOS) Create and edit movies from your devices video library
  • Video Editor (Google Play) To edit and create movies from your photo and video library

GUEST: Dr Kate Highfield, Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University

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