Put on the dance shoes: teaching kids to move and groove

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Thu 11 August 2016

8 mins

We took K Mascot to Brent Street dance studio and joined a class of energetic four-year-olds!

“I believe you’re never too young to start dancing!” says teacher Nadia Klucznik, and we agree!

In addition to improving fine and gross motor skills, coordination and flexibility, Nadia helps her young dancers express themselves through movement and build their confidence. In a class with other students, they also learn spatial awareness and teamwork. 

Nadia says, “the exercises are often hidden behind an imaginative story where the kids become the characters.” They’re subconsciously learning coordination and the foundations for other dance styles through play. “I think that’s the way to keep them engaged and keep it fun, and I’m a firm believer that play is learning, and repetition is learning,” she says.

What if your child is uncoordinated, shy or embarrassed about dancing in front of others?

Nadia says positive reinforcement is really important, “It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best, we’re all here to learn, we’re here to make friends, and you’ll find everyone is very encouraging.”

How can parents and carers to become involved with dance as well?

“I think if you can drop the ego, be a bit daggy and bust out your breakdancing moves in the living room, these things definitely help! And I do have kids who tell me ‘Mum showed me this and Dad showed me that’ and that’s fantastic,” says Nadia.

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