The challenge of managing Type 1 diabetes in a small child

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Wed 29 November 2017

17 mins

Jo Ryan from Babybliss  is best known for helping parents with children and babies who don’t sleep well. But lately she’s also been helping a friend whose child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at five years of age.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that affects children and adults. It's most commonly diagnosed in children between 10 and 14, but children can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Often it's triggered by a virus or illness of some kind. The body starts to attack itself, destroying cells inside the pancreas that produce insulin, which we need to keep our blood sugars regular.

The younger the child, the more difficult it is to manage. They can't quite understand what's going on with their bodies, and why there has to be so much finger pricking. Listen as Jo talks about the challenges of managing this type of illness in a young child, the role of parental instinct, and shares her friend's story, so that others might find solace in knowing they're not alone.

For information about Type 1 diabetes in children see the JDRF website. For a break down of Type 1 diabetes symptoms see the Diabetes Australia website.

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