The Parent Panel: Cheating cricketers, pregnancy manners, escaping the Easter chocolate blow-out

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Fri 30 March 2018

25 mins

In this special holiday episode of The Parent Panel, musicians Angie Who and Benny Time put down their instruments to dive into how the week has fared for grown ups with little people. With host Shevonne Hunt the panel discussed, analysed, and used their worldly parental wisdom to answer the following questions and ruminate, debate and cackle their way through their answers.

Cricket, cheating and heroes

Australian Cricket Captain Steve Smith was caught out cheating, he's been plastered all over the news. Journalist and cricketing fan Francis Leech expressed his dismay after following Smith's career for years, saying that this would define his time in cricket forever. As musicians, Benny and Angie have mixed opinions about the scandal.

When commuters don’t offer their seats to pregnant women

This week journalist Clem Bastow published a piece for Fairfax media about her biggest problem with public transport; when people don't get up for the less abled. Shevonne used to joke that she'd feign going into contractions on the train when she was pregnant, just to freak out the people sitting down. As parents, the trio debate if this is just a favourite thing people love to have a whinge about every now and then, or if there really is something socially sinister we need to address.

Maybe if more women caught the bus channeling their inner Beyonce, people would give up their seats? Maybe? No? Ok never mind. We'll just leave this here though.

Work-life-family balance

Mums and authors Danielle Ross Walls and Louise Correcha have just released a book called Working Mums. In it they interview a range of mothers – everyone from environmental activists to musicians to CEOs – about how they manage working and having a family. At the end of each chapter they women featured gave a tip on ways they have made it work. What do you do that helps you get through a working week?

How do you handle all those chocolate Easter eggs?

When Shevonne was growing up, she got a chocolate Easter egg at the end of our bed from the Easter bunny. These days there are Easter egg hunts where kids get baskets full of eggs. Angie and Benny offer their own very practical and particularly funny ways of avoiding a child's chocolate chunder.

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