The Parent Panel: Is the chaos of the silly season really worth it?

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Fri 7 December 2018

28 mins

Keeping on top of the news and gossip of the week is a task that us parents often don't have time for, which is why there's The Parent Panel!

In this episode freelance producer and Mummytime TV founder Chezzi Denyer, TV presenter  and SAHD Matt Baseley join host Shevonne Hunt to laugh their way through the topics that have had grown ups talkig this week.

The topics for this episode are;

  • What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
  • Is school the right place for political protest?
  • Do you trust your kids or could you see yourself tracking them within an inch of their lives as they get older?
  • Do you love or loathe the silly season, and all the excess work and joy that comes with it?

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Most romantic thing you’ve ever done? 

Shevonne's 10 year wedding anniversary was this week, and to celebrate she and her husband are going away for the weekend. While it's very exciting,  after kids romantic grand gestures can fall a bit to the wayside. The panel discuss/boast about the most romantic things they have done for their partners, and whether or not they've kept up the romance post-kids.

School activism

Last week school students around the country went on strike to protest the political inaction on climate change. And while our Prime Minister says that kids should be in school, not protesting – that hasn’t stopped them, with some students traveling to Canberra this week in an attempt to meet with the PM to talk about the impact of the Adani coal mine. You can read about it here. Is it appropriate for children to strike from school? Should they be doing it on their own time? And should teachers be trying to prevent children from taking political action?

Trust or Track

Author Penny Flannigan admits that she is a tracker not a truster. She would rather monitor her teenagers and be a helicopter parent, than trust them to their own devices. She’s written about paying for a Spotify account in exchange for being able to track them on their phones. To Shevonne that all sounds a bit harrowing, but to some it's peace of mind. Where do you think you'll sit on that scale when your kids are old enough? 

Christmas Madness

There are about two-and-a half-weeks until Christmas. That means just over 14 days to get food, presents, accomodation, schedules organised and about ten thousand more fights to have.

Is the silly season worth all the chaos it brings, or would it just be easier if we didn't have to think about it? The panel give a status update on their Christmas plans, and share just how ill-prepared or hyper-organised their silly season is looking.

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