The Parent Panel: I'd let my child date Lisa Simpson

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Fri 2 November 2018

30 mins

Journalist Jacinta Tynan and actor Ryan Johnson join Shevonne Hunt to laugh their way through the news and gossip of the week.

They take on the worst kids' shows that have needled their way into our hearts, should children stand for adults on public transport, is it ever okay for your parents and in-laws to interfere in your family life or relationship, and favourite movies you can't wait to show your kids when they're old enough. 

The worst kids' show you secretly love

Writer Darren Levin wrote about how his daughter has got him hooked on the reality TV show The Block. A show that, by the sounds of things, he wouldn’t have watched otherwise. What have your kids got you hooked on that you would be mortified if people found out? (much less talk about it on national radio!)

Should children always stand for adults on public transport? 

Etiquette coach William Hanson recently tweeted that “children over the age of five should give up (or at least offer) their seats to adults. It’s an essential way to teach them respect for their elders”.

Writer Suzi  Catchpole disagrees, saying that it’s an outdated social expectation. Do you agree with Suzi? Or does William have a point when it comes to respecting your elders?

It is okay for your parents or in-laws to interfere in your relationship? 

This week on Bride and Prejudice - the new reality romance show, one of the would-be brides parents stepped in to question the relationship. They told their daughter her intended was a gold digger, and that it would damage her future and the future of her children if she went ahead with the marriage. It’s a reality show, so we can take it all with a grain of salt … but is there ever a situation where it’s ok for your parents to intervene in your love life?

Lisa Simpson. The only Simpson character Jacinta would be happy with her son dating.

Favourite movies you can't wait to show your kids 

We all have our favourite films from the G-Rated to those aimed at a slightly older audience. The panel journey into some serious nostalgia territory reliving their favourite movies and TV shows that they can't wait to show their kids when they're old enough. 

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