The Parent Panel: Children vs the environment, parenting mistakes, chores, random acts of kindness

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Fri 6 July 2018

30 mins

In this episode of The Parent Panel our knowledgable panellists are Luke Escombe, front man and Aspara-Gus from The Vegetable Plot, and Lucy Kippist, online editor for Kinderling Kids Radio.

Joining host Shevonne Hunt they chew that fat on the week that was for parents. The topics the panellists break down in this episode are;

  • The power of kindness from strangers
  • The environmental impact of children
  • Repeating parenting mistakes
  • Chores and children

The kindness of strangers

This week Lucy Carne from News Ltd wrote a lovely piece about how she re-discovered the kindness of strangers, mainly because, as a mum of twins and a run-away toddler she was always chasing one while needing someone to keep and eye on the others. She pointed out that we have become hyper-aware of the dangers to our kids without recognising the people around us who are genuinely lovely. What is the kindest thing you have ever seen another human do? (in #reallife) and when have you experienced the kindness of strangers (when you were with your kids)?

Woman (31) gets sterilised to save the planet 

American woman Gwynn Mckellen appeared on British talk show This Morning to talk about why she chose to be sterilised. She felt that to have a child would have adverse effects on the plant. 

How do you feel about this story? Does the potential damage your child does to the planet, negate the benefits he brings to it? Can you argue that we should all be having less children?

Repeating the same mistakes

Last Friday Shevonne had a lovely night at her son’s daycare. They had a fantastic light festival and were having so much fun as a family that Shevonne suggested they go to a restaurant for dinner. It was 7pm by the time they left, 7.30pm by the time they had ordered. And it was a big mistake. A mistake she's made before. 5 or 6pm works for small children, beyond that you’re playing with fire. 

Inspired by this nightmare decision Shevonne wrote about the common mistakes us parents seem to make over and over again. What are the most obvious parenting mistakes you make?

What age should kids start helping around the house?

Carolyn Tate wrote in the Fairfax press this week about how she handles chores in her household. As a single mum she said she couldn’t do without the help, and that for her it’s an investment in the future cleanliness of her abode. She quotes a study from the University of Mississippi that chore allocation to young children gave them a plethora of skills, including improving study habits, professional work ethic and reaching of personal goals. It was suggested in the article that starting as young as three is a good idea. Does your kid help out around the house? What kinds of chores do they do?

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