The Parent Panel: Meghan and Harry should name their baby Darren, and other serious parenting things

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Fri 19 October 2018

24 mins

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz from Happy Mama and TV host Matt Baseley join Shevonne to get into the nitty gritty of royal baby names, discipline, things our parents taught us and the things we never would have understood until we had kids.

Amy has three kids, Shevonne has two kids and Matt has two kids with a third on the way!

With seven-and-a-half kids between them they take on all this with the sleep deprivation and saint-like patience that comes with this crazy parenting gig.

Royal baby fever

Australia has been going nuts over The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ever since they touched down on Monday.  It all reached fever pitch when the couple announced they’re expecting their first baby on Tuesday afternoon! Given the announcement occurred on Australian soil, it only seems fair that the baby be christened with an Australian name.

The panel discuss the best (and by best we mean most Aussie) names that the the future-seventh-in-line-to-the-throne should be christened.

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Disciplining children

Discipline. It’s one of the most challenging parts of parenting. What does effective discipline look like in 2018? The most recent National Child Health Poll from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has found that one in four parents  feel stressed by their child’s behaviour every day, but almost half wouldn’t know where to get help for that behaviour.

Today we know that smacking is damaging for children, and not helpful with their behaviour long term. Forms of discipline come in as many shapes and sizes as the families dolling it out, so Amy, Mark and Shevonne discuss how they (try to) keep a semblance of order in their families.

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Life perspective before children

Before you have kids there are plenty of things you didn’t really understand, you could not have understood about life with children. Like how downright interesting a conversation about poo can be (your child’s not your own). Or how sometimes it is actually impossible to answer the phone at any time of the day or night. That you can feel so close to someone you feel like a limb is missing when they’re gone, but really really wanting some time without them anyway. The panel laugh their way through the things that having kids has taught them.

Remembering the good times

What from your childhood would you like your own kids to have? A lesson, life skill or maybe even a philosophy your parents taught you.

Amy's family have code-words and Matt had the best family holidays when he was growing up, and the three of them discover some new traditions to start in their own families (and Matt might have left promising to name his next child egg-timer).

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