The Parent Panel: Banning phones, Christmas traditions, placenta jewellery and parenting victories

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Fri 14 December 2018

27 mins

Real Housewife Nicole O'Neil, (two daughters) and comedian Tommy Dean (one son, twin daughters) are a hilarious pairing in this episode of The Parent Panel.

Joining host Shevonne Hunt (one son, one daughter) the trio take on the playground gossip, national news, and parenting pet peeves of the week.

In this episode the four topics up for debate are;

  • Is it a good idea to ban mobile phones in primary schools?
  • What has been your biggest parenting win so far?
  • Dream catcher made out of umbilical chord... Yay or Nay?
  • What are your favourite Christmas traditions? 

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Phones in school

Mobile phones will be banned from public primary schools across NSW from next year. A review led by psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg found that mobile phones pose a risk to children. It's definitely something most parents these days didn't have when they were at school, or only in high-school. Do you think banning mobile phones in primary school is a good idea?

Parenting victories

Writer Angela Mollard has spent her parenting years trying to perfect the advent calendar. This year she was pleasantly surprised when her grown-up daughter called to ask whether they were doing it this year. For her, it was a sign that all those years of effort paid off. A parenting win! What has been the moment where you thought to yourself, "I knocked that one out of the park!"

Birth souvenirs

Some families might get a plaster cast of their baby’s feet. In Bali an ancient tradition includes burying the placenta after childbirth. It’s a tradition that many Australian families have adopted. A Queensland woman has made a business, Under the Birch Tree, making art with your placenta or umbilical chord. Some people love the idea (clearly there's a literal business for it) and other think it's a weird gross step too far. Did you commemorate the birth of your children in any particular way?

Christmas traditions

Families celebrate Christmas in many different ways. Writer Kasey Edwards got sick of the stress of big family gatherings, and started her own Christmas tradition. She, her husband and kids spend three days in a hotel. Do you have any special Christmas traditions?

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