The Parent Panel: Why 98% of unsolicited parenting advice is rubbish

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Fri 23 November 2018

29 mins

Writer Zoë Norton Lodge and comedian Andrew Barnett make up the panel this week.

Joining host Shevonne Hunt, between them they have five children (not together, obviously, don't make it weird) which means five humans worth of parenting experience.

In this episode they talk through the toys for kids that parents use for their own amusement/sanity, whether parenting labels are a help or hindrance, is it time for the world to embrace multi-cultural santas, and the parts of parenting that grossed you out pre-children, but now are a non-event (spitting on a dummy to clean it, finding half chewed food all over the house).

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What kid’s toy helps chill you out?

There has been news this week that Lego have invented a new type of toy for adults called "Lego Forma". It's designed to help adults have some ‘me time’ and to chill out. Would this work for you? Is there another kid’s toy that helps you relax?

Parenting labels

This week Carla Gee spoke about being a writer and a mum in an article. She writes “While I'm not bothered by labels or definitions, it seems like many modern parents are. There's the sneaky questions they ask to easily understand or categorise the new mum they've just met.”  As creatives who don’t work 9-5 jobs do you find other parents trying to fit you into a category? Does that bother you? Should we get rid of these labels altogether? (and if we did, what would we replace them with?)

Diverse Santa

It’s only a month until Christmas, and chances are the big man in red is going to start making an appearance on street corners and in shopping centres across the country. In Adelaide, Aboriginal man Arthur Butler decided it’s time Santa Claus was more representative. He said his beard, tummy and happy attitude made him a perfect candidate for the job.  Is it time that those who hire fill ins for the big man embrace cultural diversity? Or should some traditions be left alone?

Gross parenting

Grossness is an essential part of parenting. Before having kids we couldn't possibly understand just how gross it gets. The panel discuss the gross things they find themselves doing now that they have kids, and the types of things that the pre-parent version of yourself would find gross but nowadays is just part and parcel of raising kids.

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