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Where do the different political parties stand on investment in childcare?

Early Learning Australia held a forum in Adelaide last night, gathering all the major parties to discuss their policies on childcare. Executive Director of The Parenthood, Jo Briskey, gives…
15 mins

Why our politicians need to invest in early learning

Child care can cover two essential areas in family life. It allows parents to go back to work and it’s an opportunity for early learning. Edward Melhuish is a Professor…
9 mins

Legal rights for lesbian couples using donor sperm to start a family

Many lesbian couples choose a friend to donate sperm in order to have a family, unaware of how this might complicate their own family dynamic later down the track. Learn…
13 mins

Crinkling news this week

Saffron Howden, editor of the first Australian newspaper just for children, brings us the best stories from this week’s edition. Today she explains the NBN, a family of four…
9 mins

Labor's childcare plan revealed

Jo Briskey, Executive Director of The Parenthood explains the details of Labor's planned $3.1 billion investment into childcare if re-elected at the polls on July 2.
8 mins

What parents really think about politicians

Have you heard much this election about issues relating to children? We haven’t either, and according to a new Australian Child Health Poll from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne…
6 mins