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Kristina Keneally on why Australia is failing refugee children

Journalist and former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally says the latest revelations about child abuse on Nauru (revealed this week in The Guardian) illustrate that Australia is failing refugee children.
15 mins

Is the Northern Territory the worst place for children in the justice system?

Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell has traveled Australia speaking to children about their rights. She believes that the problems in the Northern Territory need to be resolved immediately, before scrutiny is…
12 mins

The young man at the centre of NT abuse is seeking parole

Dylan Voller is the young man at the heart of the 4 Corner’s report into the abuse of children in the Don Dale detention centre in the Northern Territory. Now…
11 mins

Should we let our kids play Pokémon GO?

It’s silly, great fun and it gets kids out and about in the 'real' world. But what are the things parents need to consider before letting kids loose on the…
8 mins

NDIS already changing lives

Faith Wright says that the NDIS has had a huge, positive impact on her family. As part of the trial her son Nate is receiving specialised care for his Attention…
13 mins

Students ask politicians: what about our future?

Kinderling Radio teamed up with Crinkling Newspaper to gather together a forum with a difference. Three political leaders: Deputy Leader of the Coalition, Barnaby Joyce, Co-Deputy of the Greens
11 mins