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The Indigenous Literacy Foundation supporting young Indigenous children

Today is National Indigenous Literacy Day, which aims to improve literacy levels and opportunites for young indigenous children living in remote areas In this episode, Karen Williams from The Indigenous…
12 mins

The miracle sleep book for children

Parents are going nuts over "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep", but what is the science behind the hype? You'll want to listen to this before you…
11 mins

The impact of medical research on children's lives

Every day children are sadly diagnosed with various medical issues. To ensure these children live happy and healthy lives, medical research is imperative for the treatment of childhood illness and…
13 mins

Insecure work and the Government's Families Package

The Government says it's proposed new families package will help get parents back in to the workforce, but it seems to have a blind spot when it comes to freelancers…
15 mins

ReBOOKS raising funds for refugee literacy programs

ReBOOKS is a new ebook retailer donating all profits to Australian refugee literacy programs. If you'd like to donate to help get the organisation up and running check out the…
11 mins

New laws to protect children online

Social media, games, apps- monitoring and protecting your children online can feel like a mammoth task. The Government has committed to better regulation of online behaviour with a new office for the Children’s…
14 mins